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With over 10 years of experience in doing plastic injection, YF Mold can provide customers with satisfactory plastic injection solutions. Our plastic injection components are of high quality and have a short lead time. The size of the components can be small while maintaining high precision dimensions.

At our company, we specialize in the production of automotive plastic molds. We have built strong partnerships with numerous domestic and foreign large-scale automotive manufacturers.

Our expertise lies in producing a variety of automotive molds, such as automotive bumper molds, automotive door panel molds, automotive lamp molds, automotive lampshade molds, automotive steering wheel parts elastomer plastic parts molds, automotive engine covers, car intake pipe molds, auto exhaust pipe molds, automotive grille molds, and many more.

Products & Services

  • The design,development,and production of custom car injection mould by a fully equiped machine shop, including CNC and EDM machine centers. a lab to process, qualify, mill, and grind materials. Design capability using Autocad, Solid Works and Mastercam.
  • Secondary operations are plastic production, machining,bonding, oven curing and assembly. A full line of inspection equipment.
  • 60 ton to 480 ton injection machine with robots, 2D projector, CMM dimension measurement equipment.
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